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Simplifying safety compliance

Nothing is more important to your business than creating a safe working environment for your staff and being able to demonstrate that all reasonable steps have been taken to train every member of your team, institute ‘zero harm’ working conditions and maintain Australian Safety Standards.

The rules and regulations governing health and safety in the workplace are being constantly reviewed and updated. Penalties for non-compliance are onerous with responsibility falling to individual Directors as well as the organisation itself. Cartec Consulting can help you to keep up-to-date with all relevant legislation and ensure seamless integration into your routine work practices. Take our Quick Safety Quiz today

We can assist you to establish or update:

Safety Management Systems, Safety Audits and WHS Policies

The first step is to engage Cartec Consulting to undertake an WHS compliance audit, which is similar in scope and methodology to a comprehensive HR audit. Cartec is an accredited Australian Standard AS4801 auditor, if you need to comply with that benchmark standard.

Once the audit is completed and reviewed, Cartec can advise on any non-compliance issues that need to addressed immediately. We can then propose suggestions for the introduction and implementation of a customised Safety Management System together with accompanying WHS Policies, procedures, documentation, forms, templates, training manuals and checklists.

Cartecs’ scope of work in this area also includes practical on-the-job safety training for managers, supervisors and those charged with Safety Inductions, as well as calling and holding Tool Box and other safety-related meetings.

Injury Management Systems

It is a legal requirement that organisations have an Injury Management System in place - a more sophisticated and structured extension of the old ‘Workers’ Compensation’ arrangements.

Workers’ Compensation tended to be quite transactional, based more on filling out forms and contact with the insurer to provide payments until a return to work becomes possible. Injury Management looks at the best way to interact with, and support the injured person, and help them to become productive and involved in the organisation as soon as possible.

For example, a person with an injured leg could be found an alternative job in the office or encouraged to work from home until their mobility is restored. It’s all about managing and working with the employee, their doctor and the Insurer to get the person back into the workplace as a productive contributor sooner rather than later.

If you do not have an Injury Management System, Cartec Consulting can assist in the process of compliance with current legislation so that you are covered in the event of an employee being injured on (or off) the job.

Job Safety Analysis

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) examines risks and seeks to break each risk down into its component parts so that every aspect can be identified and managed. This analysis generally forms part of the Safety Training as well as Safety Inductions for new staff. The ‘back end’ of the analysis generates statistics so that you can see, on a monthly, bi-annual or annual basis, how your organisation is tracking and trending within your industry.

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