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HR Consulting. Looking After Your Most Valuable Asset

In any organisation, people working within a closely-knit team structure are its most important resource and asset. Just as a finely tuned engine develops more power and torque than an unbalanced one, a well-tuned, well-led organisation places itself in the best possible position to compete and excel in the marketplace.

Balancing the human resource element, and maintaining that equilibrium does not happen by chance or accident.  Cartec is a solutions-driven HR consultancy that specialises in helping organisations, large and small, to hone their human resources in order to realise the full potential of their workforce. .

As part of our overall HR approach, our team of hr consultants provide advice and ongoing support in the following areas:

HR Audits

In most instances, the first step in working with all new clients is to undertake a full HR audit.  This provides an opportunity to review what the business does, identify where the gaps are and take steps to fill them.  We find that a thorough HR audit is a useful starting point to identify issues that need to be addressed, initially, the ‘must dos’ from a client’s point of view, but then to assist in aligning with the business strategies that will assist the business in achieving its set goals and milestones.

As part of the audit, our hr consulting team reports on compliance by looking at what systems and processes are currently in place to ensure full observance of current workplace legislation.

Contracts of Employment

Cartec assists clients in the creation of employment contracts for new starters and reviews arrangements for existing members of staff.  In instances where clients have not formalised their employment structures, and existing employees are not on proper contracts, there is an opportunity to review awards and ensure that the entire workforce is operating under the correct terms and conditions.  In some cases, Cartec discovers that staff may not be working under the correct Award, and these situations need to be rectified without delay. 

Contracts of employment are a useful starting point in helping to align overall workplace practices and arrangements.

Induction Programmes (The ‘Onboarding’ Process)

Statistics show that new members of staff, who are offered structured and well thought through Induction programmes, tend to be productive much sooner than those not offered the same opportunity. 

Induction is about helping new staff understand the rules of the workplace, know about where they are working, be introduced to the people they will be working with and have the work explained to them in detail.  Many organisations these days call this the ‘onboarding process’; it’s about having an appropriate process for bringing people into the organisation and doing it well – and demonstrates to your people that you care about them.

Termination and Redundancy

When dealing with termination, it is essential for the correct process (verbal and written warnings) to be followed in order to avoid cases of unfair dismissal.  Staff members have a right of reply, with the opportunity for an independent third party to sit in on meetings and provide support as necessary.  Termination also includes redundancy and retrenchment, and, in order to be fair and equitable, some employers may need assistance in establishing and following a fair process.

The service extends to counselling terminated staff, providing the right advice and (at the discretion of the employer) assisting terminated staff in either finding other employment or providing a way forward. 

Policy Development

Written Policies and Procedures are basically the workplace business rules that underpin the activities of an organisation.  Cartec Consulting works with clients in Policy Development which involves creating a suite of interlinking policies that cover all eventualities. 

Policy Development requires a complete understanding of how the organisation works and wishes to proceed in the future, and at the heart of this understanding is the initial HR audit.

Performance Management

When adequate systems and processes are in place, it’s necessary to educate the managers and staff as to how these policies should be implemented.  This involves performance appraisals as well as half yearly or annual reviews and assessing training needs.
Managers and supervisors may need to be coached on how to run meetings effectively, ask open-ended questions, carry out thorough meeting preparation and ensure that all sides know what is expected of them.

Performance Management is all about harnessing skills and identifying opportunities for improvement in every level of the workforce. 

Industrial Relations Advice

With over 20 years direct experience in on-the-job Industrial Relations, Cliff Carter is able to advise and assist in all IR-related matters and associated areas including employment contracts, award interpretation and understanding the implications of Enterprise Agreements.

In some instances, when clients may wish to develop an industrial agreement or an Enterprise Agreement, Cliff can facilitate the process so that the interests of all parties are covered as well as protected. Cartec Consulting specialises in structuring and implementing Enterprise Agreements for major organisations as well as small to medium sized businesses.

HR Strategies

Once a business strategy has been developed, Cartecs' hr consulting team is in the best possible position to work with CEOs in implementing HR Strategies that will dovetail neatly with the organisation’s overall objectives over the longer term.

Equal Employment Policies and Workplace Bullying

In addition to advising clients on the requirements involved in employing staff in a diverse workplace Cartec consults in the vexed area of workplace bullying and handling disruptive and inappropriate behaviour.

As in all human resource-related activity, management needs information, support, training and coaching in order to operate effectively and within the parameters of industrial legislation.


In addition to advice on industry expectations for pay and conditions, Cartec’s services include industry surveys, reviews of standards and may involve setting up some classification structures within the business.  These could extend to looking at fringe benefits, implications of non-cash benefits plus any other entitlements that can be bundled into a remuneration package.

Job Succession Planning

Job Succession Planning looks at the effects of expansion and the implications involved in promoting existing members of staff and replacing them – either internally or externally.  Typically, the issues that arise include identifying the skills and competencies required to do jobs well, the need for training, how that training should be delivered, job sharing, covering leave and sickness as well as mentoring.

A clear idea of Job Succession Planning leads to an understanding of how to ‘grow’ and develop individual members of staff and build more effective teams.

Retention Strategies

It is well known that replacing a member of staff is a massive business expense and can be the equivalent of 2-times salary in some instances. 

Cartec advises clients on how to employ suitable staff in the first place.  While there is no tool available to state with complete accuracy that a given person will be 100% productive in six to 12 months time, it is possible to assess, on the balance of probability, that some potential employees will be a better fit - not just from a technical aspect, but also from a psychological and cultural perspective. 

Similarly, Cartec advises clients on strategic approaches to ensure that, wherever and whenever possible, key members of staff are retained and motivated to continue their careers with the organisation.  Retention strategies are a wise investment in maintaining a cohesive and happy working environment.


While not a specialist recruitment agency as such, as part of an overall human resource strategy for major account customers, Cartec has the capability and contacts to work with clients in identifying, interviewing and recruiting key members of staff to assume positions of influence and responsibility.

Successful HR management can lead to improved performance and increased profits.

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