For many small to mid-sized organisations the need for the services of a HR Manager is tempered by the significant costs involved in recruitment and ongoing employment.

Today, outsourcing appears to be the answer to this sort of dilemma and it is an option that works particularly well in the area of HR and WHS, especially given the strict compliance and duty of care issues and potential consequences of non-compliance. Cartec Consulting offers an affordable, effective option for Outsourced HR and Outsourced WHS support and training to help fill the knowledge gaps, guide clients through compliance issues and ensure that all relevant 'Duty of Care' obligations are documented, met in full and constantly monitored.

When appointed to consult with a client, Cartec’s HR consultants first task, usually, is to carry out a thorough HR audit and then recommend a plan of approach based on integrated systems and processes for implementation by line managers and supervisors. The role requires the ability to 'sell' a revised approach to HR and WHS, that is based on experience and a firm approach to handling resistance or lack of cooperation that can often occur when changes are implemented.

At all times during this process, Cartec seeks to create 'buy in' and acceptance across all levels within the workforce from staff to management but it is a process that requires considerable investment in time and patience.

In most cases, our HR Consulting team will work with a client over a number of months, and in some instances, when the need for a full-time role arises, help identify, oversee and support the eventual employment of a permanent member of staff. Cartec is then often requested to monitor, with regular reviews, the ongoing HR and WHS situation by working at a strategic level with the businesses owners or CEO.

Engagement is on a flexible basis according to the specific requirements of each business owner and can range from as little as a few hours to several days or weeks.