Broad-Based, Hands-On Industry Experience

With over 25 years HR management experience across a wide range of industry sectors, Founding Director of Cartec Consulting, Cliff Carter, sees his broad-based HR experience as one of the key positives his client’s get from working with him at Cartec:

In all my years of involvement with HR, I’ve been involved in almost every aspect of hr consulting from bargaining with union bosses to helping corporations develop strategies and plans to meet changing work and safety conditions and I think that this experience has given me a more hands-on, practical approach to HR management.”

This hands-on experience allows Cartec to offer expert advice and support on all aspects of human resource management, organisational development as well as Work Health & Safety, delivering cost-effective solutions that are specifically tailored to meet each client’s identified requirements.

Having also held down national HR management roles for large organisations during his career and also assisted small and medium-sized enterprises to identify and implement the best possible ways to successfully manage and develop their resources, Cliff knows first-hand just how hard it is to remain competitive in the marketplace.

This wide-ranging experience also allows Cliff and his team of HR Consultants to offer clients independent and personalised solutions to cover just about every conceivable hr consulting and wh&s consulting requirement.

It usually all starts with a thorough HR audit that provides a clear picture of the client organisation’s current circumstances which, in turn, leads to tailored advice and precisely measured solutions across:

HR Strategies, Retention Strategies, Policy Development and Performance Management, Enterprise Agreements, HR Consulting, Change Management, Culture and Values, Leadership Programmes, Safety Audits, Safety Management Systems, Drug and Alcohol Policies and WHS Policies.

In addition to providing tailored consulting services for large organisations, Cartec is also well placed to provide an outsourced HR and/or outsourced Safety Management option for smaller organisations who are aware of their compliance obligations but cannot necessarily justify committing a member of staff to the role full time.

Cartec Consulting provides hands-on advice in developing strategies and policies that deliver practical solutions that will help you get the best out of your people and maximise compliance and performance.