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Workplace Relations and Fairwork
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Hands-On Industry Experience With over 30 years HR management experience. across a wide range of industry sectors, Founding Director of Cartec Consulting, Cliff Carter, sees his broad-based HR experience as one of the key positives his client’s get from working with him at Cartec.

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Workplace Relations and
Fairwork Services

  • Modern Awards

    Navigating and ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards governing minimum employment conditions and entitlements.

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  • National Employment Standards

    Minimum employment conditions applicable to Australian employees, covering aspects such as leave entitlements, working hours, and termination notice periods.

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  • Enterprise Agreements

    Customized and negotiated workplace agreements between employers and employees, outlining terms and conditions beyond the minimum standards set by awards or legislation.

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  • Wages Advice

    Expert guidance on fair and lawful remuneration practices, encompassing wage rates, penalty rates, allowances, and compliance with relevant employment laws.

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  • Terminations, Redundancy and Resignations

    Strategic counsel on the legal and procedural aspects of ending employment relationships, including terminations, redundancies, and resignation processes.

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  • Sexual Harassment and Bullying

    Proactive measures and guidance to prevent, address, and respond to instances of sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, fostering a safe and respectful environment.

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We Are An Experienced Provider of HR Solutions

Benefit from our extensive experience as a trusted HR provider, navigating diverse industries and consistently delivering tailored solutions that align with your unique business needs.

Leverage our seasoned HR professionals who bring strategic insight to the table, crafting solutions that go beyond standard practices to address your specific challenges and opportunities.

Experience a personalised touch in our HR services. We understand that one size does not fit all, tailoring our solutions to meet the distinct requirements of your business and industry.
Customer Testimonials

What our Clients Say

“With less than 100 employees we decided to outsource our HR Function. Cartec provided support to our team by implementing systems and procedures that had the benefit of improving morale and higher retention rates”.

“I have worked with Cartec for many years. They have provided a great deal of support and guidance to our business, developing our HR documents including employment contracts, employee handbooks and other required documentation”.

“Our business operates in a high-risk environment, Cartec implemented a simple and straight forward Safety Management System that drove our safety performance and guaranteed our compliance with WH&S laws”.

“The development an implementation of our enterprise agreement helped to achieve the flexibilities we needed to improve our performance and profitability”.

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